Czinkota Studios is the preeminent high level fabrication specialist with the expertise to create your unique, one-of-a-kind ideas. We take it from design to completion. Our experienced team integrates both traditional and digital techniques, and the blend of both ensures that the final rendition will be artistically detailed, solidly structured, durable, transportable, easy to set up and strike down, and an exact replication of what our clients envisioned from their initial idea or sketch. Only better.

That’s why we are the go-to design and fabrication team for TV & film productions, Broadway shows, casinos, theme parks, special events, and corporations. They know we can do everything from tiny to huge, and from hand shaped sculpting to 3D computer models that are digitally carved with our CNC equipment. Once your idea is shared with us, our artistry is unleashed. Multiple design, process, and material options are compared and considered, and the ones chosen ensure that the creation of your piece is both perfect – and cost effective - for the intended purpose.

We strive to make our customer service the best in our industry. Our continuous interaction with current clients ensures that all necessary information, interactions, and updates are communicated in real time. In person meetings with our client’s team, group conference calls, and visits to our facility are all ways to maintain our connectivity as projects commence and move forward to completion. We timeline our process to be in sync with your deadline – no matter how quick that may be. Czinkota becomes your collaborative partner to make the ‘un-makeable’ items. Huge or tiny, static or functional, intended to be viewed up close or from a distance. The more challenging the project – the more we are driven to exceed all expectations.