Our artistry has always been an emphasis at our company, it's where we started. We have taken traditional skills & techniques and integrated them with the always evolving digital era. Our artisans are capable of painting & sculpting whatever you imagine, big or small, to be viewed close up or afar. 

Our artisty includes: 

  • Digital & Traditional Sculpting in both Clay and Foam
  • For Projects that Need an Exact Replication: 3D Computer Models are Digitally Carved with Specialized CNC Equipment
  • 3D Computer Modeling & Laser Scanning 
  • Hard Scenery & Soft Goods Artist Painting
  • Industrial Grade Exquisite Paint Finishes
  • Hardcoat Plastic Spray Finishes (Hydraulic 2 Component Equipment System that Sprays High Impact FR Polyurethanes & Polyureas – Coating Foam & Replication Parts by In-Mold Spraying)
  • Mold Masking & Casting
  • Rotational Casting (Our Roto-Cast Machine Produces Hollow Pieces up to 6 Feet)
  • Vacuum (Thermo) Forming